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Four Tips about a Carpet

There is marking on the underside of any carpet, where you can learn not only about the composition of the pile, its characteristics, and the substrate material, and the properties of the coating:

  • the most democratic regarding price and the most popular in our country by the number of sales are propylene floor carpets. Unfortunately, the low cost of such coatings ends all its advantages. Disadvantages include high electrification of the material, poor tolerance of moisture, and direct sunlight. Among other things, these carpets actively absorb dust and can be hardly cleared with a conventional vacuum cleaner. The lifetime of polypropylene carpets is, unfortunately (or fortunately) small – from two to five years;
  • of durable nylon carpets are more expensive – pile loops of this product are attached to the synthetic basis with a special latex composition. This material adds strength and elasticity to the coatings;
  • the coating on a knitted basis is following in the price category. A method of making such rugs involves the simultaneous weaving of a pile and its foundation. This increases the strength and flexibility of the ready carpet. These carpets will last about ten years;
  • the most expensive but of the highest quality are carpets of wool. In addition to their environmental friendliness, carpets can boast high fire-resistant properties and very long life – some products are able to serve more than fifty years.

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