European history of the bed and bedroomCanopy Bed

Early Americans turned to countries like England and France for inspirations in architecture, furniture and textiles. Even today, designs from Europe heavily influence many of our home design and décor decisions. So the story of our typical American bedroom today began long ago across the Atlantic. To get specific details on how the bedroom evolved in Europe, let’s start in Medieval England, where detailed accounts of how people lived within their homes were accurately kept.

The bedroom of todaymodern bed

New homes being constructed today offer massive luxuries for the bedroom and bed furnishings. Master suites complete with sitting areas, TVs, fireplaces, walk-in closets and massive bathrooms are extravagant retreats from the stress of life. Some master suites even include comforts like built-in coffee makers, pre-programmed lighting and radiant heat flooring. Children’s bedrooms are often constructed with their own private bathrooms, and are designed larger than ever to accommodate places for study as well as places for play. Parents happily spend money customizing the baby’s nursery and are accustomed to regularly changing the interior design of the room as the child grows.

The Eight Sleep Mattress—The Smart Bed of the Future Here Today

Luxury bed linens are available everywhere, with an emphasis on eco-friendly blends like bamboo or hemp. Developments from NASA even entered the bedroom with the invention of memory foam. Funnily enough, horsehair mattresses are making a comeback with the brand Hastens offering luxury mattresses that retail for thousands of dollars. Our bedrooms are filled with soft fabrics that help dampen noises, and we can install blackout shades to create compete darkness. All in all, the bedroom of today can be viewed as one of the most agreeable, and indulgent of all the rooms in our home.