Paola SakrPaola Sakr – Her work was exhibited during Beirut Design Week 2016 and 2017 as well as Beirut Design Fair’s first edition in 2017. She also exhibited in Dubai Design Week 2016, Milan Design Week 2018 and in Amsterdam in 2016. Her first Gallery show was for Joy Mardini Design Gallery, for whom she developed her first furniture collection in March 2018.

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Day in the Life: Interior Designer

Sayar and GaribehSayar & Garibeh – Sayar and Garibeh graduated with a Master’s degree in Interior Architecture, and worked on several projects, in interior, industrial and set design. They recently opened their small workshop in Beirut.

Work of Sayar and Garibeh represents an innovative vision that meets new materials and forms. They work together as a team where each one has his/her own touch and thoughts combined together to create unique pieces.

Karim Chaya Born in Beirut, Karim Chaya is also reknown designer, a professor and an entrepreneur who started and developed several design projects. He founded and launched spockdesign, a company devoted to furniture, product and -as he likes to call it- stuff design, and ACID, which specializes in design, manufacturing and installation of architectural detailing, currently employs 170 craftsmen, architects, and administrators, and handles projects across the globe.