Carla Baz

Stratagems | An Elegy to Marble

Joy Mardini Design Gallery hosts the solo show of Carla Baz entitled STRATAGEMS. The exhibition revolves around Carla’s new found relationship with marble as not just a medium but a source of inspiration that would guide her creative process. The hereby collection seeks to stage an elegy to marble not merely as a medium, but even more so as a subject and an object where the point of departure and destination loop into each other.

Marble has been valued for its use in sculpture since classical times. Due to its soft properties and beautiful colors, it has come to be the favorite medium for Greek and Roman masters, who have carved their reputation in the lavish stone, making it a cultural symbol of refinement and sophistication. Today still, it is one of the most enthralling materials for artists and designers. Captivating by its different mineral compositions which bear a resemblance to abstract expressionist paintings, mother nature has truly been unstinting in the variety, qualities and raw beauty of marble.

Through this collection Carla strives to redefine the conventional approach to marble as simply a robust material and instead show its fragility and delicacy. The designer adapts a more poetic approach to shed light on the natural graphics and colors of the stone.

Talking about her experience Carla states: “Through our experiments we have sometimes chosen specific natural colors, sometimes decided to use a simple white marble as a canvas for a more audacious approach, tainting it with bolder colors with resin. Whether in its pure form or as a result of this series of tests, marble never ceases to offer different possibilities and outcomes, making it a very exciting journey.”

The designer unveils three series of objects that decontextualize the material. The pieces are an invitation to revisit what we know about marble and to allow ourselves to be more experimental and open, all the while respecting the integrity of the subject.