Design Miami/ 2016


14.06.16 – 19.06.16

Leatherscapes places the material at the center of its conception. Each object is shaped from a specific sheet of leather, and based on its size and dimension, the sheet is folded in order to create a functional product. This ensures that no material is wasted in order to fit to a specific design. Quite the contrary, each object is adapted to the material itself, creating an array of different shapes and proportions based on the dimension of the selected piece of leather. Each of the resulting products is then fitted with an appendage that enhances its utility, such as the addition of a function, being light or reflection.

By allowing the material to guide the process of design, this collection comprises a series of objects that can never be identical and creates as a whole a complex landscape of leather products.

The presented series is composed of a desk / coiffeuse, a reading chair, a bench, coffee tables and a lounge chair.