Group Show

01.12.16 — 03.02.17

The exhibition will feature both current designers unveiling new pieces along with new additions to the gallery’s line up. Joy Mardini Design Gallery aims to foster dialogue between its team of contemporary designers creating a series of curated settings, ultimately uniting works of different backgrounds, aesthetics and functions.

The showcase will emphasize the prolific qualities of contemporary Lebanese design, looking at the diversity of styles. Some propagating components of industrial design others reviving vintage elements. Through this we would like to highlight the aesthetic sensibilities of the local contemporary design practice, while also emphasizing the uniqueness of each of our designers.

The show will include new designs like the ‘Leek Lamps’ by Marc Baroud and Rocking Chairs along with the iBeams from Spockdesign by Karim Chaya. New additions to the gallery are 1millimetre design studio presenting the ‘Drape’ Chair and the ‘Eva’ Partition by Thomas Trad.