Hala Matta | Paola Sakr


29-03-2018 .

Joy Mardini Design Gallery presents ‘Dialogues’ a duo show featuring Hala Matta and Paola Sakr. Two designers whose practice is framed by their constant enquiry into the nature of material properties and their distinctive applications in design.

The exhibition stems from a conversation between Hala and Paola around their craft, their personal experience with materiality and the strange allure of accidental geometry. ‘Dialogues’ encourages us to look into how their individual approaches towards the treatment of materials influence their creative process.

Each designer unveils a series of products, defined by the technical and unconventional application of contrasting mediums. The collection by Hala Matta will question the mimetic value of ceramics through a new perspective on functionality, stepping away from the conventional application of stoneware as vessels and containers. Paola Sakr will explore the relationship between space and light, playing with notions of transparency, reflection and the intersection of contrasting textures. Her series of objects will delve into our daily routine of dressing and undressing, revealing and hiding, through a harmonious blend of contrasting materials.