Karim Chaya

Spock was a dog—an Australian shepherd who did things in his very own particular way—and spockdesign, a Beirut-based design studio started in 2001, proudly carries his name. The purpose of spockdesign encompasses experimentation, tinkering, and perhaps coming up with a few worthy ideas along the way. Focusing on process and research, as well as utilizing the talents of craftspeople, in order to create all kinds of stuff—spockdesign has evolved into a small, dedicated design studio with a wealth of connections and partners in design, sourcing and fabrication. In creating an array of projects and objects, which include special commissions and exhibitions near and far, we value solution, execution and detailing along with humor, whimsy and the unexpected. We believe in spontaneous, unforced and inspired design, whether we're working on a luxury commission or a public installation. Our projects are described as honest, fun and sensible, but above all—surprising. 

Karim Chaya for spockdesign


Spectrum II - The Weigh of Light