200 grs

Our fascination with the city as an object, urban-scale installation and industrial design project, let us [Rana Haddad and Pascal Hachem] to co-found “200Grs” Studio in 2013, whose basis are the constraints and challenges of existing know-how. Their custom-made pieces bring into play the local skills available in Lebanon. According to our vision, this is the healthy way to fight and keep Beirut alive as we do believe in our city.

who we are:

Rana Haddad, graduate of the Architecture Association School of Architecture, London, acquired the RIBA part II in 1995, works and lives in Beirut. She co-founded dblu, a design and architecture practice-workshop in 1997. In parallel to all assigned projects within the practice, dblu started as a research workshop with the aim of questioning the ability of objects and places to become means of political expression in post 1990 Beirut. With an interest in the city and an aspiration to bridge the academic field with this entity through the use of daily findings and oral history, Haddad’s activities developed in the educational domain by co-founding of the ‘atelier de recherche’ at the Académie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts in 1997.

She is presently an Assistant Professor at AUB, department of architecture and design. She was invited for a series of lectures and trans-disciplinary workshops to Berlin, Copenhagen University, the Geneva School of Fine Arts and Design, and by Studio Kajima at ETH University, Zurich.

Pascal Hachem, based in Beirut, he is a product designer and Lecturer at AUB and LAU, department of architecture and design, winning awards in different competitions like Bang & Olufsen and Continuous Connection Design 21. Pascal Hachem was appointed by Projects and Supplies s.a.l to play a substantial role in the development of PSLAB in end of 2003. Until 2012, he was the creative director; during this period several lighting fixtures at PSLAB won awards such as “International Forum of Design” (IF), “Red Dot Award” from Germany, “Good design” from USA etc.

His work is represented by Selma Feriani Gallery, London and Federica Schiavo Gallery, Rome.

200 grs